What questions should I ask my roofer?


Are you dealing with a reputable roofer? How can you trust their work? The best way to avoid future problems is to ask many questions before signing a contract. If you are wondering, “What questions should I ask my roofer?” make sure you include the following to get important information about the roofers doing the work and your home’s roofing project.

Can I Read Reviews of Your Roofing Work?

Don’t forget to search online for reviews from Yelp and Google. The roofer does not filter these online reviews and gives you a more realistic idea of what working with the roofer is like. You can use the information to assess whether you want to hire that roofer to work on your home.

Are You Licensed and Insured in North Carolina?

Insurance carried by your roofer is another important feature to ask about. Roofers should carry their own insurance that covers injuries or incidents while they work on your roof. If they don’t have insurance, your homeowners’ policy will foot the bill, and you’ll face higher premiums.

What Is the Work Process that You Use?

At Macaw Construction, we have a three-step process for all our projects:

  1. Our roofers carefully inspect your roof to see what your home needs. They will also take measurements to generate accurate estimates.
  2. Second, our roofers talk to the homeowner about their style and budget needs. We strive to meet the homeowner’s needs while ensuring the completed roof’s safety and value.
  3. Our roofers will begin work after reaching an agreement for the project with the homeowner. We maintain a high level of craftsmanship and quality that our customers can expect from their finished projects.

A clear plan means that you and the roofer know what to expect at every project stage.

Do You Install Roofs to Adhere to Manufacturer’s Requirements for Warranty Coverage?

Will the completed or repaired roof meet the requirements of the manufacturer for warranty coverage? To ensure that you can make a warranty claim in the future, you need to verify that the roofers will properly install the roof materials. Not all installed or repaired roofs meet the strict guidelines set out by the product makers.

How Will You Handle the Gutters Around the Roof?

The gutters serve a critical task for your roof. By diverting water away from the roof, they prevent water damage to your home. However, roofing work can damage or clog up these installations.

Will You Give Me a Written Estimate Before I Agree to the Work?

Always get all estimates in writing before signing any contracts. A written estimate ensures that you have a set price before the job begins. Without getting an estimate ahead of time, you could find yourself paying a lot more than you expected.

Macaw Construction roofers work with homeowners and their budgets to ensure that they get a price that fits their needs. Only after the homeowners agree to the estimate will work begin.

Will You Work with My Budget?

Not all roofers consider the budgets homeowners have when creating estimates. Always ask upfront if the roofer will consider your budget when drafting an estimate.

At Macaw Construction, our roofers respect that homeowners don’t always have unlimited funds. Therefore, they will do what they can to meet homeowners’ budgets. 

Do You Offer Any Guarantees for Craftsmanship/Workmanship?

Can the roofer guarantee their work on your home? Find out whether the roofers will back up their craftsmanship in any way. Not all roofers will offer guarantees or warranties on their work. Ask if yours will before you sign a contract.

  • How will the roofers address problems after installation?
  • Are there any charges for repairs made to fix poor installation quality?
  • How long does the craftsmanship guarantee last?

Roofers that offer guarantees on workmanship let you know that they believe in their work and will stand behind it.

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