Roofing Repair
Huntersville, NC

There’s something special when it comes to living in a smaller community. You can take life a little bit slower. The downtown is primarily mom-and-pop shops. You know your neighbor, and the community is so much more your own than when you live in a mega city. If you call Huntersville, NC home, you know exactly how that goes. While the town has been growing over the years, it still has a comfortable population. The city’s structure is made to keep the town small to medium, so even when additional residents move in, you’ll always know who your neighbor is. You might even talk to them from your front porch.
As you take great pride in your home, you will likely go to great lengths to ensure it looks as beautiful as possible. This requires all kinds of upkeep, including general repairs to the property’s exterior. Your roof is one area that can prove challenging to repair on your own. This is why having a professional contractor specializing in roof repair at your disposal is so desirable. When it comes to roofing repair, Huntersville professionals stack up to the services offered by Macaw Construction Services LLC.

Roofing Inspection

Every roof repair will begin with a general roof inspection. Sometimes you may not know if there is an issue. Usually, if you know your roof requires repair, it is because a problem has been left un maintained for months if not years. So, if you have found leaks while placing storage in the attic, or if visually there is something wrong with the appearance of the roof, the problem has been ongoing. That is why it is so important to have your roof inspected annually. You will avoid these more expensive and time-consuming repairs later on. These annual inspections will also help extend the life of the roof. It is always better to have minor repairs performed as they come up instead of waiting for something catastrophic to happen.

Roofing Repairs

During the inspection, the contractor may identify some issues. Your contractor will tell you if it is necessary to address these issues immediately or if you have some time before the situation needs to be addressed.
If you need to have your roof repaired, the team at Macaw Construction Services LLC will go over all the repairs that need to be performed and your options. Sometimes there is one straightforward repair that needs to be done. Other times you might have a few choices. If the required repair is on the larger side, the roofing professionals might go over the pros and cons of repairing the extensive damage over just replacing the entire roof. If the roof is already on the older side, opting for a new roof might be in your best interest. This way, instead of paying the money now and then needing to pay for a new roof a few years down the line, you can bypass the repair and have the new roof installed. Not only will this save you the cost of the repair but also the cost of inflation. Repairs will likely cost more down the line, so the more you can do to maintain your roof and avoid those repairs, the better off you will be.
From replacing shingles and addressing some water or physical damage, all of your roofing repair needs can be handled by Macaw Construction Services LLC.

Schedule Your Home Roof Inspection Today

It is highly recommended to have your roof inspected on an annual basis. Your roof, very literally, weathers the storm throughout the year. From intense rainstorms to heavy wind, and even the fluctuating temperatures and extended sun exposure, your roof is there, protecting the interior of your home. Over the course of a single year, there will likely be some minor damage. Some shingles might become loose and need addressing, or the flashing around your chimney might have pulled away from the structure. Addressing these minor issues can help prevent significant problems down the line.
Our team can also assist with other inspections and services. From window replacements to gutters or siding repair, we have you covered.
If you haven’t had your annual roof inspection yet, or if you are not even sure when your last roof inspection and repairs were performed, now is the perfect time to contact the professionals at Macaw Construction Services LLC.


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