Window Replacement
Huntersville, NC

What you can find in town is your home, and it is important to do what you can to take care of it. Whether you’re searching to take in the splendor of the Carolina Raptor Center, or you’re interested in riding your trusty steed to the annual Carolina Renaissance Festival (have a turkey leg for us), there’s plenty to do around greater Huntersville. Plus, with its proximity to Charlotte, you can always hop into the car for the short drive if you’re looking for restaurants or entertainment not found around town.

Eventually, one bit of upkeep you will need to perform is replacing the old windows on your property with new, updated windows. Updated windows bring with them a number of benefits you will instantly reap. Just what are they? When taking advantage of window replacement Huntersville services, these are the benefits you can expect to receive following the installation.

Boost Your Home Value

When installing new windows, you will instantly boost the value of your property. It also helps improve the probability of someone buying your home should you choose to sell your house in the coming years. New window installation needs to be done occasionally, and new home buyers will not want to plunk down additional money for new windows immediately after buying a house. This means there is a better chance the prospective home buyer will go with your house if it comes down to your house and another house without new windows.

Improve Fire Safety

If you have older windows, there’s a good chance one, if not several, of the windows are painted shut. Perhaps you waved this off, thinking it was okay, as it probably helped reduce energy loss when heating and cooling the house. First, painting your window shut doesn’t impact this (most energy loss is through the glass); second, it creates a fire safety hazard. If there is a fire in your home and someone needs to open the window to escape, the last thing you want is for the window to be painted shut. New windows will instantly boost the safety of every room in the house.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Glass, while beautiful, could be more energy efficient. There is a reason why the glass is cold in the middle of the winter. It shows you that heat is escaping and cold air is coming in through the glass. The best way to prevent this from happening is with new two or three-pane glass. The dual and triple pane glass windows not only have two and three-glass window panes, but there is buffer air space in between. This way, the air in your warm house during the winter and cool air in the summer will not escape through the windows, which will boost energy efficiency and save you money every month you run the HVAC system.

Fewer Allergies

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? If so, you know few things are worse than all the pollen in the air and your seasonal sneezes and trouble breathing. Your home should offer you safety from the outside, and while a fully functioning HVAC system can help remove pollen from the air, it only goes so far. You want to block out pollen from the outside before it enters the house’s airflow. With improved windows, it is far more difficult for pollen and other allergens to enter the house, so you’ll breathe and sleep better with the new windows.

Block out the Noise

Do you live on a noisy street? Does the neighbor’s dog like to bark at cars? There may be a noisy park across the street? With better windows, you will buffer out the noise, which will help make your home far more peaceful.

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