Roofing Repair
Concord, NC

There’s always something to do in Concord, North Carolina. Whether you’re an outdoor lover and enjoy taking in one of the many parks, or you’re a fan of walking downtown and watching all the new construction projects unfold, Concord is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state. Like everything with the city, you likely have something going on with your home. There’s always something to look into, update, or repair. While most of your attention likely centers on updating what is inside your home, you must also focus on what is taking place outside your property.
Taking care of the exterior of your home is so much more than simple curb appeal. Yes, making these updates and repairs will help beautify your house, but it will also extend the life of the various parts of your property as well. This includes the roof. The roof of your home experiences wear and tear on a daily basis. Even though the shingles and roofing material used on your house are designed to be durable and last decades (if not a lifetime), some repairs may become necessary. When it comes to roofing repair Concord services, make sure to turn to the pros at Macaw Construction Services LLC to ensure the repairs or replacement is performed correctly.

How Often Should You Inspect Your Roof

A good rule of thumb is to inspect your roof professionally once a year. Whether you decide to have it checked when you have your gutters cleaned or have it reviewed as a stand-alone service, it is up to you.
But why should you have your roof inspected once a year? Minor issues can develop over the course of the year. These issues are often complex, if not impossible, to spot from the ground, especially if you are not familiar with what to look for. Singles might be loose, some might have become waterlogged, others might have developed moss growth, and issues with flashing around chimneys can also happen.
These are all minor problems that won’t cause immediate issues with your home. However, if left untreated, the problems may spread causing more severe issues. Shingles may begin pulling up from the roof, exposing the sunroof to moisture and outdoor critters. Flashing can start to pull away from the siding of your home, which can also put unwanted pressure on the various parts of your home. These small issues can go from minor matters to costly and extensive repairs.

What Causes General Roof Damage?

Natural elements typically cause damage to your roof. Strong winds damage your roof, as they can reduce the shingles’ bond with the roof underneath. Hail is especially damaging as well. These might cause small impact craters on the roof, allowing moisture to pool in. Once this starts, the water might seep under the shingles into the roof and eat away at the wood underneath. Mold can also develop from this.
Even prolonged sunlight on your roof can become a problem. There is a reason houses out West use clay tiles for roofs. Clay handles sunlight and heat well and can expand and contract without much of an issue. Asphalt shingles, though, may begin to crack and split due to prolonged sun exposure. All of these can lead to damage to your roof.
In order to avoid more significant problems, it is necessary to have the minor damage repaired following an annual inspection.
During your annual inspection, we can inspect other elements of your home. From gutter and siding repair and replacement to the installation of new windows, Macaw Construction Services LLC provides home services for all our needs.

Schedule Your Roofing Services Today

Taking care of your roof is a must. Throughout a year, your roof experiences all types of trauma. Whether from strong winds and heavy rains or extended periods of direct sunlight, all of this can and will begin to deteriorate parts of your roof. This is why it is so crucial for you to stay on top of your roof inspections and repairs. The better you are at maintaining the roof through general inspections and minor repairs, the longer your roof will last and the less you’ll spend on significant repair jobs.
If you have questions about your current roof, are interested in scheduling a roof inspection, or there is some damage and need it repaired (as quickly as possible), make sure to contact the roofing specialists at Macaw Construction Services LLC.


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