Siding Repair
Huntersville, NC

Huntersville, NC is a beautifully tight-knit community. Whether you fell in love with the small-town vibe or you like that it still manages to offer a number of services, restaurants, and activities you won’t find in most other towns of a similar size, there’s truly something for everyone here in Huntersville. That includes local contractors who want to help you maintain your home. The beauty of living in this part of North Carolina is you can experience all four seasons without ever dealing with too harsh of winter or too brutally hot of summer. It offers the best of both worlds. And yet, even though the seasons are mild, the constant temperature fluctuation, the occasional harsh windstorm, or the hail storm that strikes from time to time, your home’s siding will eventually sustain some kind of damage.
Even if the damage looks superficial and cosmetic, taking advantage of siding repair Huntersville services is important. Why? Because the longer the damage remains, the more likely it will lead to additional damage or possible critter infestation. With the help of Macaw Construction Services LLC, all of your siding repair needs can be addressed with a single phone call.

Weather Related Damage

Weather is one of the biggest culprits to damage your home’s siding. There’s no protecting your siding from hail. Often you won’t even know a hail storm is coming until just minutes before it happens, so even if there were a viable option, you wouldn’t have enough time to prepare for the hail. Strong winds can cause severe damage to the siding, especially if the siding is already loose. Regardless of the cause of your damaged siding, you need to have it repaired.
Even prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to some damage. Now, this can take years, even decades, to happen, but it is still possible, so it is necessary to highlight. Prolonged sunlight, especially with wood siding, will cause the material to dry out and crack. This cracking might split wood siding, making it much more susceptible to breaking off should a strong gust of wind hit your property.

Improper Installation

You’d be surprised how often we see improperly installed siding on new constructions. Whether the construction went up too quickly or the work simply didn’t live up to expectations, improper siding installation is an issue. Your siding needs some space to fluctuate and move. It doesn’t matter what the siding material is made out of; when the temperature is warmer, the siding will expand, and when it’s cold out, the siding will contract. If it isn’t installed correctly, the siding will not be able to expand and contract, which leads to whipping against other siding elements, or it might cause nails to break free. These nails hold the siding in place.
Chances are, you will hear the problem before you see it. If you hear a strange banging sound against the side of your property during a windstorm, it is most likely due to loose siding that was installed incorrectly. The team at Macaw Construction Services LLC is able to address any and all installation issues.

Schedule Your Home Siding Repair Today

There isn’t much you can do to avoid siding damage. Most damage occurs during nasty weather, prolonged exposure to the sun, or simply from age. While you can perform general maintenance of your siding, this isn’t going to prevent a hail storm from damaging the siding.
So if your home sustains some kind of physical damage to the siding, it is essential for you not to push it off. Siding panels that have become loose may begin pulling on other siding panels, which leads to further damage and a more costly repair job. Likewise, cracks and imperfections caused by hail can make some siding brittle, not to mention if there’s a hole in the siding, it will be more susceptible to critters and insects.
You can avoid all of these problems by having the siding repaired sooner rather than later. Macaw Construction Services LLC is here to help address all of your siding repair needs. Whether your Huntersville home uses vinyl siding, James Hardie board, is made up of composite material, or is traditional wood, all your repair needs can be taken care of. Don’t forget; while we are replacing or repairing your siding, we can also upgrade your roof, install new windows and repair your gutters!

Ready to take the next steps? All you need to do is request a free estimate online or give the team at Macaw Construction Services LLC a call at your earliest convenience.


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