Siding Repair
Mooresville, NC

There’s truly something beautiful about Mooresville. Whether you live right on the water or you are a few minutes away, there’s a natural beauty that’s also tucked away from the rest of the state here. It doesn’t receive the kind of tourist traffic as the coast, and while it is still part of metro Charlotte, it at times can feel a world away, which is perfect. A slice of tranquility a stone’s throw from the big city.
If you’re lucky enough to call Mooresville home, you will want to take care of your property and do what you can to maintain it. This includes performing any kind of repairs to the exterior of your home, such as the siding. Siding damage might appear to be superficial, but leaving damage alone without repairing it can lead to far more serious issues. That is exactly why you need to take advantage of siding repair Mooresville services offered by the siding contractor specialists at Macaw Construction Services LLC.
It can be difficult to know when or where damage might occur to your siding, but here are some of the most common culprits.

Old Age

Siding is incredibly durable, but just about everything has a set life expectancy. Now, the better you take care of your siding, the longer it will last, but eventually, the siding will start to crack or fade. This is especially the case if parts of your siding are exposed to prolonged sunlight for long periods of time.
The kind of siding your home is made of also plays a role in this. Composite and vinyl materials are the most durable but are also the thinnest and can experience some cracking over the years due to inclement weather. Wood siding, on the other hand, can dry out, and if a regular protective coating is not applied to the wood, it might begin to break away or even absorb moisture. All of this can be a sign of old age.

Weather Damage

A survey conducted by PR Newswire advised 39% of those who had new siding installed cited damage as their reason for siding replacement or repair. Weather is probably the biggest cause of damage to the siding. Heavy wind storms can, over time, pull the siding away from the walls of your property. It is difficult, if not impossible, to tell when the nails holding your siding in place begin to fail due to wind, so while a single wind storm is likely not going to cause damage, dozens of wind storms over the course of many years can.

Hail is another major problem that can lead to damage. Vinyl is an incredibly durable material, but it is also thin, so when hail strikes vinyl at just the right angle, it might break through and cause puncture wounds to the siding.
Even the basic temperature changes of the seasons can lead to damage. The siding will expand and contract based on the temperature. Over time, this might cause some cracking to the siding, or it might begin to pull away the nails holding your siding in place, which then leaves it susceptible to wind damage.

Improper Installation

You might be surprised how often this kind of issue happens, even with new home builds. Because siding will expand and contract, it needs to be installed in a way that allows this fluctuation without giving it too much slack. If it is not installed properly, the siding will begin to buckle, or it might even snap against the other strips of the siding and the building. If you can hear your siding shift, it is a sign it wasn’t properly installed and needed to be corrected.

Schedule Your Siding Repair Today

The longer you put off repairing the siding to your home, the more damage the siding may sustain. Whether you suffered damage from the weather, improper installation, or simply from the age of the siding, the longer you put it off, the greater the possibility of water damage, mold development, pest infestation, and even damage to the gutters or the roof of your home. It very quickly can snowball into a much more serious situation (which also means much more expensive).

Thankfully, you no longer need to put off your siding repair. With the help of Macaw Construction Services LLC, all you need to do is give the team’s customer service specialists a call or email. You can even request a complimentary, no-obligation estimate for your repairs. So, if you have experienced any kind of siding damage or you are interested in a home inspection following a strong storm, there’s never been a better time to contact Macaw Construction Services LLC than right now.


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