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Whether you have traditional wood, vinyl, or a composite material, siding is a dependable, affordable option for protecting the exterior of your house. However, regardless of the build material, there will come a time when it is necessary to make repairs. Often, the weather is the culprit behind damage sustained by your siding; other times, it is animals picking at the siding. And other times, it is something as simple as prolonged direct sunlight or the age of the building in general. Regardless of the culprit, there will come a time where you need to take advantage of siding repair Davidson services. Thankfully, with the help of Macaw Construction Services LLC, you have a local service provider on hand to help. And as a community member, all repairs are performed by local experts, so you can rest easy knowing your investment back into your home will also help fund a local business.

Weather Damage

Weather damage comes in all shapes and sizes. Hail is often the most devastating when it comes to puncture wounds to your siding. While vinyl is exceptionally durable with regard to sunlight and wind, it is also a thinner material, which means heavy hail storms can puncture the siding. It is not a good idea to have damaged siding sit uncorrected, as the holes caused by hail make it the perfect entrance to pests, wasps, and other undesirable critters.

Strong gusts of wind can pull siding off from the side of the house, especially if the area is already somewhat loose. And even strong, direct sunlight can dry out certain kinds of siding, which causes the siding to crack and turn brittle. Whatever type of siding issue you are dealing with, it is necessary for you to address the problem as soon as possible.

According to PR Newswire, 39% of siding replacements are strictly based on weather damage, while 36% of customers replacing their siding are looking to update the aesthetics of their home.

Age Issues

Everything in your home has a set life expectancy. It will last only a certain amount of time before it likely will suffer some kind of damage. That’s just something that happens, and you need to deal with it as a homeowner. While siding is a durable material, age will lead to some issues. This can be anything from nails holding the siding in place becoming loose and falling out all the way to wood siding experiencing damage from the sun, prolonged moisture issues, not receiving regular protective coatings, or simply the original color beginning to fade.
Some of these issues, like the color of the siding, can be addressed either by you or by a painting service provider. Other problems, like brittle siding or damaged wood, can be corrected with the help of Macaw Construction Services LLC. Upgrading and repairing damaged siding will help improve the curb appeal of your house. It will also make your property more desirable to home buyers. And with the current home market now beginning to cool and with prospective buyers now being much more judicious in their purchases, it is important for you to do what you can to upgrade and enhance the visual appearance of your home. This may mean you need to address damage to your siding.

Improper Installation

Improper installation can happen on new constructions as well as from repairs performed by less-than-desirable service providers. When siding isn’t installed correctly, it often isn’t given space to expand and flex based on the external temperature. This will lead to the siding pulling out nails or wobbling and banging against the building as well as other sections of the siding. If you have “noisy” siding you can hear (especially at night), it is a sign your siding wasn’t installed correctly and that you need it to be repaired.

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