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Key Takeaways:

    Magnolia Home Collection by James Hardie: This collection is a collaboration between design professional Joanna Gaines and James Hardie, a leading name in fiber-cement siding. The collection offers a variety of specially curated colors and design styles chosen to complement a home’s exterior. These options are designed to work well together, simplifying the process of choosing the perfect selection for your home.

    Benefits of Magnolia Home James Hardie Collection: The collection offers several benefits, including various siding options like plank, shingles, and panels with textured or smooth finishes. The siding is durable, resistant to weather and pests, and does not require repainting. The coloring is baked-in, which resists fading and peeling.

    Macaw Construction Services: Macaw Construction is an approved James Hardie contractor. They offer expert installation of the Magnolia Home Collection. Their service includes sending professionals to meet clients at their homes to provide attentive customer service and help them get the new siding they want.

Upgrade your home with new siding options that you’ve never seen before. The Magnolia Home James Hardie collection brings together the design expertise of Joanna Gaines and the durability of James Hardie products. With a range of carefully curated colors to bring out the best in your home’s exterior, this collection ensures that you cannot go wrong when selecting options for your siding upgrade.

    What is James Hardie Siding?

    The name James Hardie has been one of the top names in fiber-cement siding for years. Unlike other exterior options, fiber cement siding protects your home against pests and does not require painting. James Hardie products are not wood-based; therefore, woodpeckers and termites cannot damage your home. Additionally, the James Hardie brand of siding has baked-in coloring, which resists fading and peeling, so you’ll never need to repaint your exterior.

    James Hardie fiber cement siding is a staple for homeowners looking to have long-lasting siding that can withstand the South’s heat, sun, and precipitation.

    What is Magnolia Home?

    The colors and options all work well together, making choosing the perfect selection for your home simple. You cannot go wrong, no matter the combination of options you choose from the Magnolia Home collection.

    Color Options in the Magnolia Home Collection

    Colors in the Magnolia Home collection look good all the time. Whether pulling up to your home late at night or spending time on a sunny afternoon in your front yard, you will see an exterior that looks great.

    • Birch Tree – a pale white reminiscent of birchbark
    • Chiseled Green – a green-gray color
    • Dried Eucalyptus – a silvery green like eucalyptus leaves
    • It’s About Thyme – a very light, gray-green
    • Last Embers – dark gray, like fire embers
    • Midnight Soot – an even darker gray than Last Embers
    • Mudflats – lighter Green than Peppery Ash and Wandering Green
    • Peppery Ash – a dark green
    • Rugged Path – a sandy, golden color
    • Rustic Road – a pale color, slightly darker than Birch Tree
    • Slate Steps – grayish-green with a lighter green color than Chiseled Green
    • Stone Beach – a light color reminiscent of white sand beaches
    • Stone Paver – pale color with a slightly darker color than Stone Beach
    • Wandering Green – a dark, evergreen color
    • Warm Clay – a natural, light brown color
    • Weathered Cliffs – light, whitish color, reminiscent of the White Cliffs of Dover

    James Hardie Siding Products for the Magnolia Home Collection

    Not only do you have options for the colors for the siding in the Magnolia Home collection, but you also have choices for the types of products. For example, you may select shingles, horizontal plank, or vertical panels to customize the appearance of your home’s exterior.

    Siding Textures Available

    The Magnolia Home collection allows you to choose smooth or Cedarmill textured siding for your home.

    Texture choices for your siding allow for further customization of your home’s appearance so your home will have a unique style.

    Benefits of Magnolia Home James Hardie Collection

    When you choose the Magnolia Home collection for your home’s exterior, you enjoy the following perks:

    • Colors that look great all day and all night
    • A variety of siding options, including plank, shingles, and panels
    • Textured or smooth siding finishes to customize your home’s appearance
    • The durability that comes from the creator of fiber cement siding, James Hardie
    • A home that never needs repainting
    • Siding that stands up to the weather

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