Gutter Replacement
Davidson, NC

Few towns in North Carolina, or the entire country for that matter, possess the natural beauty found in Davidson, North Carolina. From the beautiful downtown that is bustling with locally owned shops to the nature paths and regular farm and art fairs, Davidson is the kind of place you fall in love with over and over again.
If you’re lucky enough to call Davidson home, you will want to do your part to take care of your little slice of North Carolina heaven. This means staying on top of your home’s gutters. Often the gutters are out of sight, out of mind. Well-maintained gutters almost become invisible when looking at a house. You forget they are there. While that is great, if you fail to stay on top of your gutter maintenance and repairs, the faulty gutters may be secretly causing your home thousands of dollars in damage to the foundation, roof, and siding. In order to avoid all of this, you need to take advantage of the gutter replacement Davidson services available to you through Macaw Construction Services, LLC.

Water Pooling Where It Shouldn't

Have you noticed water pooling in various areas around your property? Maybe you notice wet spots by the garage or the front door in areas where there has never been pooling water. If this happens, it means the gutters are, at the very least, backed up with some blockage. You will need to clear the blockage to prevent significant damage. However, it is also possible that there is a crack or hole within the gutters. If you inspect the gutters and there is no blockage, it means the water is escaping through a hole, damage, or seam that has become undone. This is a sign you need to have the gutters, at the very least, repaired.

To learn more about 5 common problems caused by clogged gutters,

Gutters are Sagging

Your gutters should run parallel to the siding of your home. If you notice your gutters sagging, it means there is a problem. Sometimes this is from excess weight stuck in the gutters from debris lodged inside the metal, or it may be pulling away from the fasteners on the roof. Sagging gutters is not something you should let go of or put off to repair. The sagging gutter will put excess weight on nearby joints and seams, which in turn will pull additional fasteners away from the side of the home. Before you know it, you’ll have entire sections of the gutters ripping out, which damages your house and will require specific repairs on top of the gutter replacement services. So, if you notice sagging gutters, contact Macaw Construction Services, LLC as early as possible.

Mold and Peeling Paint

Have you noticed areas of your siding have started to develop a black and gray mold? Or the paint on some regions of the house is beginning to peel. If you have, chances are you have tried to pinpoint what is causing the problem but haven’t been able to. Chances are, these problems are caused by moisture getting away from the gutters and running down the side of your house. Over time, this will lead to mold development and ruin your paint job. It may also cause some rust to develop. This is something you need to take care of right away.
Clearing away mold or repainting the area of the house might not sound like a major concern to you, but if this issue isn’t corrected right away, the excess moisture will begin stepping down, along the side of your house, to its foundation. Foundation damage rarely occurs from an immediate problem, but instead of years of missing a minor issue before it turns into a major one. Prevent all of these issues from happening by replacing the damaged gutters today.

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