Window Replacement
Cornelius, NC

The beautiful Town of Cornelius isn’t just any ordinary Charlotte suburb. With its great waterfront activities, enough parking space to enjoy throughout the year, and locally owned restaurants where the workers know your name when you walk through the door, it is all about the community here.

As a homeowner in Cornelius, you know the importance of taking care of your property. Sometimes the upkeep is evident, yet other times, what you must do around the house is a bit more subtle. Take your windows, for example. Sure, the occasional window replacement will happen because your kids were playing catch, and a ball got away from them (and instead found a window). However, there are times when it is in your best interest to update and replace your home’s windows completely.

When should you take advantage of a window replacement Cornelius service? Here is everything you need to know and consider.

Save On Surging Energy Bills

Have you noticed your energy consumption has increased, specifically during the hot and cold months of the year? No, you probably aren’t using all that much more energy as compared to previous years. Instead, there are two issues at play. First, yes, the local power companies do increase their rates, so that will contribute to the cost increase. Second, your home is less energy efficient than the previous year.
Old windows are one of the top culprits for this. When you place your hand on the window in the winter, does it feel cold? If it does, that means heat is leaking out of your window. Heat transfers through glass much easier than brick or concrete and insulation. And your window even fogs up. That, again, is a sign your windows are old and need to be replaced.
You can consider several window options that will help dramatically cut down on your energy consumption as the new windows improve insulation and slash energy loss.


Are you moving soon? Or you are planning to move in the next few years and looking for a way to increase the value of your property and help you save some money until you sell the home. If so, window replacement is the way to go.
Not only will you save money on your home energy bill the moment you install all the new windows, but it will also improve your home’s value. This is especially true if the windows are a decade or more old.
Potential buyers want to avoid being forced into performing expensive property repairs when they move into the house. This includes explicitly repairing your roof and the windows. They won’t want to drop a large sum of money on massive repairs. They are already spending money on the house and whatever it costs to move into the property.
So, do yourself a favor and improve your property’s value (while increasing your home’s sellability) by replacing the current windows.

A New Look

Sometimes you might want to update the look of your home. You may want to take one large window and have it partitioned as you like the aesthetics of this. Because there are various designs of windows, you can do this without doing major renovations. Feel free to consult our staff, and we will review what appearance options you can consider for your home.

Schedule Your Window Replacement Consultation Today

You might be surprised as to just how many window replacement options you have. Some are designed specifically for improved heat retention. In contrast, others can have a lever of reflective tint to help prevent people outside your home from looking inside (a fantastic security feature). With so many options, you may quickly feel in over your head. But don’t worry. Here at Macaw Construction Service, LLC, we will review your options, the cost, and other variables you should consider.

Whatever you decide to do, whether replacing your windows, replacing your gutters or replacing your roof, our team at Macaw Construction Service, LLC is here for you. All you need to do is give us a call or contact us to request “A Free Estimate” and we’ll take it from there.


*Macaw Construction Services LLC provides free estimates to homeowners looking for home renovations. Requests from Realtors for appraisals to help a house tenant looking to make repairs or for a listing is subject to an inspection fee.