Gutter Replacement
Concord, NC

Whether you are a lover of the annual Renesaunce Festival, the traditional music and art events taking place downtown, or you simply love living in a city that has it all without the overcrowding of a Charlotte (or other significant metropolitans), few communities in the state can compete with what Concord has to offer. There’s something for everyone in Concord, North Carolina. The city is growing in diversity as it opens its arms to anyone who wants a beautiful, family-friendly place to call home. If you live in Concord, you already know how incredible the city can be.
Of course, as a homeowner, you also want to care for your house. It doesn’t matter if you simply want to take care of your home or if you want to make it as attractive to potential home buyers as possible; regular home upkeep is necessary. This will, eventually, require you to take advantage of gutter replacement Concord services. Much like your roof and the siding, repairs and an eventual replacement will prove necessary. But how do you know if you need to replace your gutters? Here are some tips for identifying problem gutter areas.

Sagging Gutters

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t spent much time looking over your gutters. Unless something catastrophic happens, it is all too easy to simply not look at the channels at all. The problem, though, is that most damage to the gutters is a slow burn. They won’t usually be upright one day and ripped from the side of the house the next. Instead, gutters will slowly erode or, in this case, sag. A variety of culprits can cause sagging gutters. It might be due to the weight of debris caught in the channels. It might be from the gutter’s attachment to the house beginning to pull away, or the gutter itself might be damaged (sometimes, a tree branch can clip the drain after a storm, and you might not notice it).

If you notice sagging gutters, you, at the very least, need to have this area of the drain repair, although if the entire setup is sagging, you should have the whole gutter system replaced.

Cracks, Holes, And Punctures

Your gutter is designed to move water to a controlled area of your property. This is to not only prevent the buildup of water and puddles where you might walk (and where the water might ice over during the winter), but it helps prevent water from pooling by the foundation of your house. So, if there are cracks, holes, or other punctures in the gutter, water will drip where it isn’t supposed to leak.
Should you identify this kind of damage, you will need to replace the damaged portions of the gutter. Sometimes this damage may occur simply from old age, which means you will be better off replacing all your drains.

Peeling Paint, Rust, or Mold

Signs of gutter problems are not always found on the gutters. Sometimes the issues can be found on the siding of your home. If you have wood siding that has been painted, peeling paint in specific areas indicates moisture dripping free of the gutters and onto the side of your property. The same is true with rust and mold. If you have metal siding, prolonged exposure from this steady dripping can result in the formation of rust, and mold might begin to spore up on just about any kind of surface. If you have noticed any of these problems on your siding, it is likely due to a gutter problem.

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